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We offer a wide range of services to property managers
to help them run their day-to-day operations.

Realtime notifications & payments

Kodipay allows you to get informed every time your account receives payments. You can now worry less about money reflecting in your account as payments are real time.

Easily track defaulters

As a property manager, handling defaulters can be a headache. Kodipay helps you know which tenants have made payments and those that remain pending, after which you can take prompt action.


The Kodipay platform provides an efficient way of getting your monthly statements and staying updated on how your property is performing.

Easily bill your tenants

Kodipay lets you inform your tenants of their pending rental payments within the click of a button. Your tenants will get their invoices on their app and be able to make payments on time

Tenant application & USSD

Kodipay for property managers, has provisions for tenants to join the platform, through the tenants app or USSD your tenants can make payments to you faster.

Easy communication

Send reminders and communicate effectively with your tenants on the Kodipay app. The platform comes with the bulk SMS feature that comes in handy when communicating with your tenants.

Account manager + 24hr support

Kodipay has a professional on standby to attend to any issue that may arise during your interaction with the app. You will get 24 hour support to help you successfully run your premises.

Landlord portal and app

Kodipay provides an app for your landlords wherever they are so they can easily access their statements and payments reports. This not only increases transparency but also makes sure that your clients are always kept in the loop in matters concerning their properties.

Caretaker app

As a property manager, you get to have your caretakers on the platform through the caretaker app. This encourages transparency between you and your caretaker as you can monitor their and lets your caretaker to take up functions like billing and sending reminders.

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